Welcome to 4C Properties

With more than twenty years experience of renting properties in Durham it is our service and understanding that makes our properties the right accommodation for the discerning student.

We have been through the Durham University system ourselves, being the second of three generations of our family who have studied here. As such we have a good feel for Durham and the Durham experience. We have seen the highs and lows ourselves and have learned lots from those of the hundreds of Undergraduates that have stayed in our houses over the years.

Starting out as landlords in the days when students queued across Kingsgate bridge for their turn to read the small green advertisements at the accommodation office at Dunelm, we have seen the process of finding your next year’s accommodation change almost entirely. Never the less the same houses are all still out there, the nice ones, the nasty ones and the downright disgraceful ones. For the student the business of sifting through them all and finding the right houses is still much the same. There may be more information at your finger tips today, but deciphering it correctly is pretty much unchanged.

We believe that the best houses for Undergraduate accommodation are those managed by small independent landlords who have an interest in their property, the University itself and indeed in their tenants.

We are not remote landlords who are more interested in their income stream than the welfare of Durham students.

We have always had a view that we would never buy, let alone provide for let, a property that we would not enjoy living in ourselves.

Why rent from faceless remote Landlords who hide quite effectively behind their agents when you can deal direct with Durham Graduates who are still here and understand what you need and how to deliver it.

Our properties sell themselves… all that is needed is for you to know where they are and to get inside them to see what we mean.

Accommodation for discerning students is what we offer.

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